The Air Quality Management System (AQMS) aims to provide a technological solution for monitoring and certification of air quality.

AQMS system is prepared to receive the air quality model results, this results are showed in a map. The general display options allow the choice by pollutant and by time period: daily (today, yesterday and forecast) and annual.

The data is updated hour to hour according to two possible scenarios:

  • General, it shows the general air pollution of the city and it represents the ambient air pollution experienced in general by the citizen when living and working in the city  (based on monitoring stations positioned at specific points);
  • Traffic, it shows the air pollution experienced by the people when walking and cycling along the streets with the highest amount of traffic (based on monitoring stations on the road).

The stations measure the following parameters of air quality:

  • Ozone - O3;
  • Carbon Monoxide - CO
  • Nitrogen oxides - NOx
  • Sulfur dioxide - SO2
  • Particles - PM10;
  • Fine particles - PM2, 5;
  • Heavy metals: lead, cadmium and nickel - Pb, Cd and Ni
  • Pollens

The project will include a system able to detect and classify vehicles in at least three classes of vehicles, assigning each passage a category of speed and the instant of passage.